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Flo-tech hydraulic diagnostic products

Flo-tech is a leading brand of portable testers and turbines for hydraulic fluids.

Low cost variable area flowmeters

EZ-View variable area flowmeters from Hedland are rugged, low-cost direct reading meters for flow measurement of oil, water and other fluids.

MP Filtri ICM particle monitor application

A typical MP Filtri ICM particle monitor application

Hedland variable area flow meters

The EZ-View® variable area flow meters are rugged, low-cost direct reading meters for flow measurement of oil, water and other fluids.They are very simple to install - in any orientation from vertical to horizontal, upside down, etc. without sacrificing measurement performance.

Colour change for Faster Polyurethane

Faster R&D dept has recently decided to change the polyurethane colour.

New ISO Standards for PVVM Series Couplings

PVVM couplings have been designed by Faster in order to be used at high pressure ensuring, in the same time, a very high safety level to the user.

New FHV Quick Release Couplings

For building and construction applications, it has become necessary to develop innovative technological solutions for several problems in a variety of situations.

Hydrasales attends international workshop in UK

Hydrasales recently sent three of their staff members, Emeralda Els, Cheryl Johnson and Elvira Caripis to attend the contamination workshop held at The Brittish Fluid Power Association, hosted by MP Filtri. Over 150 delegates attended, from 16 countries around the world.

Hydrasales visits Faster

Hydrasales recently had the wonderful opportunity to send Internal Sales Manager, Cheryl Johnson, General Manager, Elvira Caripis, and External Sales Consultant, Emeralda Els, to visit their long time quick release coupling supplier, Faster, in Milan, Italy.

Filtration excellence

Started in 1979 by entrepreneur Maurice Allenby, the company has grown from a small shop in Edenvale distributing MP Filtri filters to a highly effective and dedicated team of 16 under the leadership of Haroun Pochee. Operating countrywide, Hydrasales has a head office in Johannesburg and branches in Durban and Cape Town. It has been associated with MP Filtri since its inception.

Contamination monitoring workshops

Hydrasales recently held a series of highly informative workshops on contamination monitoring. Presented by Geoff Grant, global development manager for contamination monitoring products at MP Filtri (UK), they gave delegates an insight into how contamination can impact on quality, performance and profitability.

Contamination Control

Most hydraulic systems are contaminated with solid, liquid and gaseous particles, either generated externally or internally through fluids, component wear and tear, or just bad housekeeping. These contaminates can cause system inefficiencies or system failures.

Damage due to Neglect of Contamination Control

Hydraulic systems engineers are under tremendous pressure to extend system maintenance cycles in the current economic crunch. Ignoring either the cleanliness of hydraulic fluid or neglecting to monitor the efficiency of the system under strenuous operating conditions can lead to an excessive build up of contaminants within any hydraulic system.

Hydrasales celebrates with holiday giveaway

The highlight of Hydrasales 30th anniversary beach party was a prize draw of a trip for two to an island destination. Guests held their breath in anticipation as Hydrasales general manager, Elvira Caripis, drew the winning entry from the box. Ruan Pieterse of Hydraflex Benoni was the lucky winner and will soon be winging his way to the idyllic island of Phuket, Thailand, with his wife.

Hydrasales 30th anniversary

This year Hydrasales celebrates 30 years of growth, development and innovation. This South African distributor of hydraulic filtration and accessories has withstood the test of time and is proud of its achievements and growth.

Let A Flow Meter Monitor Pump Efficiency

Many hydraulic systems use fixed displacement pumps as the primary source of flow. Engineers find that the actual flow the system attains is the specified pump displacement reduced by the pump’s inefficiency. This inefficiency results in lost flow which returns to the tank through an external case drain line.

Keep Hydraulic Systems Up & Running

Here you can read a very interesting article on how engineers keep hydraulic systems up and running by incorporating low-cost flow meters into their designs.

Hydraulic Pump Maintenance

Here you can read a helpful article on Hydraulic Pump Maintenance, posted by Hedland Flow Meters.