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As agricultural machine construction improves, the need for reliable coupling of lines on agricultural applications increases. There are risks and maintenance personnel, have to be extremely careful when connecting hoses and attachments to hydraulically powered tractors, implements and harvesters. There is no substitute for the use of a reliable, sturdy and efficient quick release couplings when connecting or disconnecting hydraulic lines.  

Faster Couplings confirms;” The agricultural sector is the leading field of applications for quick release couplings”. This is especially so for hydraulic lines and attachments regularly changed or switched for different tasks. They facilitate quick and safe connection, even with pressurised hydraulic connections. Certain ranges can be connected under residual pressure, minimising hydraulic lock when connecting the respective lines. Often the environment is dusty with dirt, and other particles contaminating the hydraulic system and affecting operating efficiency.


With innovation driving towards greater modularity and flexibility, the capability to easily and quickly connect to and detach several differing attachments from a single machine has become a prerequisite. Faster Couplings has designed their range according to acceptable international standards that meet strict inter-changeability specifications and performance standards.


Hydrasales as the African distributor for Faster couplings, carries a wide and extensive selection of the Faster Coupling range. Hydrasales experience and deep understanding of the resilient and well-constructed range of agricultural couplings and the Faster range of MultiFaster connections, positions the company to provide solutions or help with project management with Faster Couplings support and backup. Harvesting applications are accommodated within selected products.

These proven and tested products allow lines to connect the hydraulic circuit to rear attachments and to power them. Oil flows from the female couplings on the tractor to the male coupling on the attachment and returns per the application’s design. These are interchangeable according to ISO 7241 part A. they are well constructed and significant features include sleeve retraction, push pull features and allow for a high flow.


Luca Robustelli, Faster’s Export manager advises; “ The retractable couplings have a poppet valve shut-off system. The 3CPV series enable the female couplings designed for panel mounting installation and connection to flexible hoses. They can be connected to male couplings under residual pressure.”


The 3CFPV series can be screwed directly into valve ports or rigid pipes. These Push-Pull female couplings are connectible with males under residual pressure. The more sophisticated 6DNPV series are also Push-Pull female couplings for rigid mounting connectable with male and female under pressure and can be disconnected under pressure with little effort. The high flow series, accommodate a maximum flow rate of 250 l/min.

Faster Couplings has a lovely range of flat face couplings for power beyond the rear attachments. The sizes of these flat face couplings vary in accordance with class 1 to 3 of ISO 17567 standard.  The power beyond the attachments, allow tractors to regulate oil flow and optimize machine performance. These flat-face couplings are specifically designed for “Powerbeyond applications.” This series is interchangeable according to ISO 16028.


Hydrasales Agriculture product specialist, Lucas Thela says; “the couplings are of high quality with safety built into the design and reducing the possibilities of system leaks.”


The Multi Faster range to connect multiple lines allowing for an effortless connection even with residual pressure in the system. The MultiFaster comes with a complete range of high-performing flat face quick-release couplings to comply with the standard. It was important that some of these products could be connected between pressurised hydraulic lines and are interchangeable.


The Flat Face couplings are suitable for such applications due to the specific shape, their easy to clean faces, strong connection with little or no spillage and coating that is very resistant to corrosion.


A unique development tool is the MultFaster Configurator on the Faster Coupling website enabling engineers to design and develop their very own spec of the MultiFaster.  Check it out at https://www.fastercouplings.com/multifaster/configurator


Thela says, “There are many variations in the Multi faster range to cater for the needs of the agricultural sector. They have a different combination of elements, such as the numbers of lines, coupling sizes, lever and electrical connectors. The number of lines vary according to the functions performed by the tractor or harvesters’ attachment”. The design is compact with 4 lines and multi-installation options.


The unit’s safety features prevent accidental disconnections and/or partial unscrewing

of the main sleeve, due to mechanical vibration. A further benefit is the capability to connect the hydraulic lines within the system, even under residual pressure.

There is also a trend towards hydraulic multi-connection systems that are completely integrated with the standard mechanical locking system of the attachment on the vehicle.  



Diagnosis and maintenance


Faster has hydraulic connection solutions for diagnosis and maintenance applications, which are interchangeable worldwide (according to ISO 15171-1). The company’s diagnostic quick-release couplings (DF series) have been specifically designed to make maintenance of hydraulic systems and checking of pressure within the circuit is easier, quicker and more effective.


Plan effectively and incorporate these cost-effective solutions! A full range of couplings and seal kits are available to suit customer needs.