Posted On: 14 July 2021

The viscosity of oil in a lube system and its impact on system bearings if not filtered appropriately can adversely impact on system performance and have catastrophic consequences and system non-performance. SKF states; “as long as particles larger than the lubricant film are removed, bearings can have an infinite life”.  Lubricants must be checked for contamination when the lube oil is delivered at the plant. Whether it is offline filtration or online filtration engineers should ensure the lube oil is clean and meets the system specifications.  


Posted On: 14 April 2021

Contaminants such as solid, liquid, and gaseous particles are the bane of a hydraulic engineer. Systems over time become less efficient and ultimately will breakdown. This will be costly. These are neither generated externally or internally through fluids, component corrosion or wear and tear, or reduced systems maintenance and housekeeping. In difficult economic times, system maintenance is often relegated as a low priority. Cost savings exercises are adopted.

Can you afford not to filter effectively and control contamination?
Posted On: 14 April 2021

In challenging economic times, system maintenance
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Posted On: 14 April 2021

The only screw to connect coupling certified Ingress Protection 54 (IP54). Female screw-on flat face couplings, suitable for construction equipment and heavy duty applications. The Zinc-Nickel plating guarantees a remarkable resistance to corrosion. Connectable by hand up to 35 MPa residual pressure in the male half. No hose torsion during connection and disconnection thanks to the internal bearing system. Equipped with a safety sleeve to prevent accidental disconnections due to vibrations. Aluminum and pvc dust caps available. Faster proprietary profile.

Looking for an easier way to connect?
Posted On: 14 April 2021

Q U I C K - r e l e a s e hydraulic couplings on agricultural equipment and related appl

VF - Couplings for braking systems
Posted On: 12 April 2021

Couplings for braking systems, ISO 5676 interchange

In the spirit of EIMA, one of the most important agricultural exhibition, we would like to highlight an important product in AG connections: VF, a flat face couplings designed to connect the braking circuit of trailers to the hydraulic circuit of agricultural machines - ISO 5676 interchange. VF is also available in special versions equipped with an additional safety sleeve (VFS) or with a hydraulic lock (VFB) to prevent accidental disconnections.

Hydrasales celebrates turning forty
Posted On: 21 October 2020

Hydrasales is a specialist distributor of hydraulic filtration and accessories, providing value-driven solutions to its clients and building mutually beneficial relationships with its longstanding suppliers. The ethos of ‘go together’ is inculcated into the company’s service-driven culture. Hydrasales recently celebrated its fortieth anniversary with team members, stakeholders and friends. Representatives from MP Filtri, Faster and Mintor shared happy memories and stories going back over the decades.

Can you afford not to monitor your hydraulic fluid?
Posted On: 21 October 2020

More than 70% of hydraulic breakdowns can be attributed to particulate contamination in the hydraulic fluid. A new hydraulic system runs at full pressure, load and speed, but over time contamination can cause wear and cracks at critical component surfaces and the system’s efficiency deteriorates long before any failures occur. With typical component clearances down to 0,5 microns it does not take much to block an orifice or to reduce, constrict or stop the flow of media, thereby preventing the proper operation of a hydraulic application.

Flo-tech hydraulic diagnostic products
Posted On: 06 May 2015

Flo-tech is a leading brand of portable testers and turbines for hydraulic fluids. Flo-tech began in 1961 with the introduction of its first generation PFM portable tester. Over the years, the Flo-tech tester line has undergone a progression of design changes that have enhanced its operational features while maintaining the rugged dependability of that first tester. Flo-tech products are manufactured by Badger Meters, an innovator in flow measurement and control products that serve water utilities, municipalities and commercial and industrial customers worldwide.

Low cost variable area flowmeters
Posted On: 29 August 2013

EZ-View variable area flowmeters from Hedland are rugged, low-cost direct reading meters for flow measurement of oil, water and other fluids. They can be installed easily in any orientation without sacrificing measurement performance.

Constructed of high impact PPSU, the range offers excellent structural integrity and chemical compatibility with a wide range of industrial chemicals and allows instant, direct flow rate measurement of liquids in closed piping systems.