The     MultiFaster range is an excellent range for agricul-tural applications

Q U I C K - r e l e a s e hydraulic couplings on agricultural equipment and related applica-tions have historically enabled Faster Cou-plings to provide inno-vative solutions to meet this sector’s needs. Hydrasales is the authorized distributor of Faster Couplings in Africa. Sales man-ager, Cheryl Johnson advised, “The Faster range is all-encompass-ing and offers a full range of products. The range includes quality hydraulic connections on tractors and har-vesters on rear hydrau-lic lines and front load-ers.” She continued; ”Faster Couplings systems and couplers work under extremely harsh conditions while achieving the highest levels of safety.”The product range complies with the requisite ISO ratings and includes special and innovative solu-tions. The cast iron manifold block with quick release couplings screwed on is popular. A universal cast iron block is suitable for three different sizes and two interchange-able standards with integrated cartridges assisted with a lever. There are arrays of accessory solutions in rubber and plastic. To help protect the quick connect couplings while disconnected a rubber dust cap is available. There are modular plastic caps to collect spilt oil in dedicated bottles. The 3/8 inch break valve for trailers complies with the requirements of ISAO 5676 is a spe-cial flat-face which connects with a sleeve retraction. This does not connect or discon-nect under pressure.“The MultiFaster range is an excellent range for agricul-tural applications; this range allows for simultaneous connec-tion of several lines and it allows for an efficient manner in which lines are dis-connected. It also allows for a reduction in connection and dis-connection time. This technology reduces the risk of line mis-alignment - an impor-tant safety feature” Cheryl Johnson says.To facilitate flex-ibility, Faster Cou-plings allows design-ers the opportunity to “play” with the configuration during design time. A Mul-tiFaster Configurator can be found on Fast-er’s website: simple steps allow for any designer to configure his own Multifaster:Select- Simply insert your general param-eters, select the plate, select the lever and every single coupling, in the position you want it to be.View – Follow a few easy steps to person-alise your very own MultiFaster.Confirm – Save the configuration that has been personalised with the required parameters. Contact Hydrasales with the desired configuration and your design will be confirmed with Faster Couplings.The configurator captures information such as application, maximum flow rates, the number of hydrau-lic lines required to be connected, multi grease, the electrical lines and the plate pro-posed.Hydrasales carries a range of standard Mul-tiFasters for the Afri-can market and is in a position to promptly supply customer’s requests.. Hydrasales stocks an extensive range of ball type, pin type and flat face couplings for agricul-tural, construction and trucking solutions. Visit for more infor-mation on the Faster range of quick release couplings